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Results and evaluation of
a recent in-house session

Number of participants: 14
Average speed at beginning: 281 WPM
Average speed increase: 104%
Average speed at end: 572 WPM
(WPM = words per minute)
Average comprehension at beginning: 76%
Average comprehension at end: 77%


  • I would suggest that anyone interested in reading take this course.
  • I've been converted into a believer. This will help me approach my in-basket with determination.
  • I will definitely start using techniques immediately.
  • Very interesting concepts.
  • I will find it valuable for reading work documents in particular, since previously I never made time to even attempt some of the more lengthy ones.
  • Very useful. It gave me different strategies to take on work reading.
  • Everyone should take this course at least sometime in their careers.
  • Glad I took it.
  • We were pushed to practice but this is necessary. I saw almost immediate improvement.
  • Good balance between practice and theory.
  • Helps us to concentrate.

What was liked best:

  • We could see a lot of improvement in one day.
  • Written notes to take home - for a reminder later
  • Reading a "classic" in an afternoon
  • Hints for better comprehension as well as speed
  • Relaxed style
  • The drills, as I saw my own progress very quickly
  • The simplicity of the method
  • The exercises to take home and continue

What was liked least:

  • Getting used to the hand method
  • A lot of reading

Comments on the instructor:

  • Interesting and good sense of humour
  • Effective and kept my interest
  • Well presented
  • Excellent instructor, maintained interest, was entertaining.
  • Knows his stuff

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